Jessica Simpson gets some serious backlash on her Memorial Day bikini picture

May 31, 2016 at 8:37 a.m. ET
Image: Ivan Nikolov/

Jessica Simpson is great, but sometimes she gets it wrong on social media — and Memorial Day appears to have been one of these days.

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Simpson was soaking up the sun on Monday and took to Instagram to show off her red and white bikini. She captioned the post (which shows off her incredible physique) with a series of American flag emojis.


Except there's quite a few people who feel that this picture is nowhere near as patriotic as Simpson may have thought it was, and they took to the comment section of the post to make their thoughts known.

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"Seriously? You celebrate Memorial Day, a day remembering the men and women who died serving this country, by posting a narcissistic duck face titty pic?" nicolegaspardipanni wrote.

Kwillis3726 agreed with this comment, writing, "You got a great point."

And there are many others who shared similar sentiments. "Yep, that's what this holiday is about, patriotic boobs, come on!" baronijn21 shared.

"You should be ashamed!" dckrm told Simpson, adding, "Memorial Day has nothing to do with your selfish and extremely tacky need to show this ridiculous picture."

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Do you agree with these comments? Did Jessica Simpson really not think this post through? Or do you think there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, and it was just meant to be an innocent snap? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.