Jerry O’Connell, why the sexist comments about male nannies?

Jerry O’Connell may have done the world’s worst job at promoting the newest season of Mistresses, the show where he has a recurring role as a male nanny. The actor talked to Us Weekly about whether or not he would hire a male nanny for his daughters, and he, very unapologetically, said no.

“I’m not sure if given the chance to hire myself as a manny in my family, I don’t think I would allow that to happen. I’m sorry if that’s closed-minded of me. I just wouldn’t allow that — I wouldn’t be comfortable with that. I would explain to my wife and to my children that I was not comfortable with a manny around.”

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Let’s take a moment to remember that O’Connell is probably a great guy. He probably respects his wife, Rebecca Romijn. Let’s hope that he is the victim of a speak-before-you-think moment. But just in case anyone thinks this is an acceptable opinion to voice, it’s definitely not.

The first problem is O’Connell saying he wouldn’t allow that to happen. Again, maybe he worded it wrong, but this is the worst way he could have chosen to word it. He could have said he would prefer a female nanny, he would do his best to be comfortable with a male nanny, but wouldn’t start out that way — he could even say he would just want the best person for the job caring for his two children! But no, he said he wouldn’t allow a male nanny in his house.

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But he didn’t stop there. He also mentioned he would take the time to explain to his wife and children that he’s not comfortable with a male nanny. So his twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, will understand that their daddy makes all the decisions, and that it’s not qualifications and experience that gets you the job, it’s whether or not you’re the right gender. We can all agree that that’s a pretty terrible message to send to 7-year-olds, right?

What’s even more infuriating is that he went on to say how great he is with kids. He said, “It’s funny — when you’re a parent, and you have kids, when you see a crying baby, you just go to it. You just do. I’m shocked I’m that person as well because before I had kids, I didn’t really care for them. [But] especially these little babies in showbiz, they are cute little babies. You can’t help! Feeding the baby again, it really made me want to have another one.”

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I’m sorry if this is close-minded, but I’m definitely not giving a father extra props for paying attention to a crying baby. And I’m certainly not going to watch a show where one of the actors doesn’t support equality. Sorry, O’Connell, I’m just not comfortable allowing that in my house.