Maybe LeeAnne Locken isn’t the evil queen of RHOD that fans thought she was

A world in which LeeAnne Locken is a somewhat sympathetic character just doesn’t seem possible, and yet, during tonight’s episode, we had a glimpse at what such a crazy world might look like. Maybe, just maybe, RHOD will give its top villain a little (gasp) nuance!

LeeAnne Locken
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Locken is the queen of the Dallas charity scene, but until now, all we’ve seen is her desperately trying to be the center of attention at any event she attends. This trend was continued tonight during Locken’s appearance at an event in support of the Grace Project. She took center stage and launched into a story about her upbringing and her experience with unfair labels. Fortunately, however, she did not drone on about herself forever. Either that, or Bravo edited out some of her self-congratulatory comments. Either way, the majority of her speech focused on empowering the women in attendance, many of whom have been the victims of verbal abuse simply because they happen to be diagnosed with HIV.

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Like the rest of us, Stephanie Hollman initially doubted that Locken could be a genuinely kindhearted person. And like the rest of us, she was shocked to find herself overcome with emotion following Locken’s speech. After Locken’s big moment in the spotlight, Hollman stopped by to tell her that she loved the speech and thought that Locken was incredible onstage.

LeeAnne Locken
Image: Bravo

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The flattery continued on Twitter, with Hollman once again commending Locken for her powerful speech.

Hollman wasn’t the only Twitter user to say good things about Locken. Several others chimed in, and many admitted that, prior to this speech, they hadn’t cared for Locken at all. Who knew that a powerful moment at a charity event could change so much?

I am cautiously ambitious about Locken’s future on RHOD. I always hoped that she would turn out to be more than a mere reality TV caricature. Yes, she has faults, but so does every reality star. If RHOD can show a little good alongside the bad, the show will be that much better. Tonight’s episode marked a definite step in the right direction.

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