I can’t handle a Kathryn Dennis, Thomas Ravenel reunion on Southern Charm

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On Monday night’s episode of Southern Charm, the world got a little more Ravenel-ier, with the birth of Thomas and Kathryn’s second child, a boy, St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. (If you watched Season 1 of this show, you know that that kid got $10,000 richer just by being born, since Thomas’ father promised to bestow that amount on a son back when it was looking unlikely that Thomas would breed.) 

The birth of the Ravenel heir didn’t take up that much of the episode, surprisingly, but what we did see involved Thomas and Kathryn being disarmingly nice together, and even… cute. Kathryn told Thomas she needed him, and he might have actually listened to her. They hung out with Kenzie together on her last day of being an only child and Thomas offered to spend the night before Kathryn’s induction with her at her house. She told him it wasn’t necessary, but it was clear that she had really wanted to him to want to, and the mere fact of offering was enough to make her less stressed. There was some hugging and hand-holding, as well as some looking at each other with gooey eyes, all of which made me very, very uncomfortable.

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There are a lot of people out there (on Twitter) who would like Kathryn and Thomas to get back together for the sake of being an intact family. I am not one of those people. These two could probably get to a place where they’re good at coparenting, but oh, my god, I hope they never hook up again. Thomas clearly loves the idea of being a partner and an involved parent, but not the practice of it, and Kathryn needs to find someone who is into manifesting responsibility and also someone who isn’t intimidated by a woman who is in charge of herself and her life. Additionally, it would be nice if that same person wasn’t an insufferable misogynist obsessed with talking trash about her.

It is, of course, totally possible that Kathryn and Thomas are just being nice to each other because a baby apparently brings people closer together. I hear that only really applies for a total of 10 minutes, so probably these two will be fighting next week or at least when Kathryn finds out that JD suggested Thomas get a paternity test. I’m definitely hoping that happens because the alternative is too much to bear.

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