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Score one in the motherhood department for Teen Mom 2‘s Leah Messer

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From day one, the media has put Leah Messer through the wringer in regard to everything from her hair to her relationships to her parenting decisions. On this week’s new episode, though, Teen Mom 2 made sure to show Leah making a really mature decision in her response to an incident with daughter Ali and Ali’s stepmother, Miranda Simms.

Last week, Leah saw a video of Ali talking about Miranda, saying that she didn’t pay attention to her and told Ali she had to carry her own backpack because she had to carry the baby (her daughter Remi). There was much anger and crying on Leah’s part, but when Miranda sent Leah a text about the situation, Leah declined to respond to it immediately. “I’m feeling upset,” she told her friend Kayla, “I’m not going to respond and argue.” There was a time, even earlier this season, when we would have seen Leah fire off an angry text that would only have amplified everyone’s anger and confirmed Corey and Miranda’s belief in her emotional instability.

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Later in the episode, Leah did compose a text to Miranda after considering how to respond. “We’re already fighting over custody, we don’t need to fight over this too,” she said to Kayla. Before she sent the message, which was super restrained and reasonable, she reflected on how going to therapy has helped her reassess how she handles things, not just with her kids, but in every aspect of her life. Even Corey admitted that he’s seen a positive change in Leah recently, a huge change from what we’ve seen in the past when these two were screaming at each other at every possible opportunity.

It is refreshing to see Leah taking time to breathe and evaluate before flying off the handle, and the show has also made sure to showcase the improved state of her living conditions — her house is definitely cleaner and more organized, and Leah herself seems more alert and like she’s taking better care of herself physically as well as emotionally. We should keep in mind, though, that recovery has its ups and downs, and if Leah’s behavior doesn’t remain consistent, it doesn’t mean she’s not trying to get better or that she doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. Let’s hope MTV continues to give us the full picture of what’s going on with her, instead of presenting an edit that portrays her unfairly.

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Do you think Leah’s becoming more mature and responsible? Did rehab help her? Tell us in the comments!

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