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General Hospital suddenly seems like the hardest place to work in daytime TV

What is going on over at General Hospital? Why is it so hard to negotiate a contract for these hardworking daytime actors?

When the news broke this week about Nick Stabile temporarily replacing Daytime Emmy winner Tyler Christopher on the show, I seriously began to think that ABC has a few serious issues on their hands.

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Daytime viewers have sat back and watched the tumultuous negotiations of Rebecca Herbst. Now Roger Howarth is reportedly experiencing those same problems and it has fans wondering why the network is letting the drama play out in real life, not on the show.

Daytime Confidential reported that Christopher asked to take some time off during the contract negotiations. While this was cited as a personal leave, I can’t help but wonder if the talented star wanted to remove himself from any tension with producers while the discussions were happening.

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For GH fans, this creates an unsettling feeling about the long-running show. Is ABC cutting budgets with their last remaining show? Is the future of GH in jeopardy in the coming years?

These actors work incredibly hard to not only deliver the storylines the writers have created for them, they are generous to the viewers who have stuck around all of these years. The stars of GH deserve swift and drama-free contract negotiations; their work needs to be appreciated by the network.

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It’s also interesting to note that we don’t hear about other sticky situations over at CBS and NBC when it comes to the actors’ contracts. Right now, it’s solely an ABC issue, which makes me think it might be the hardest place to work in daytime.

For now, we have to deal with the fact that the situation is temporary. However, neither ABC nor Christopher has announced how long the leave will be.

For GH fans, we all wait in total angst.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

General Hospital slideshow
Image: ABC/Rick Rowell

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