Nick Jonas isn't friends with his famous exes

May 28, 2016 at 2:16 p.m. ET
Image: C Flanigan/Getty Images

Good news for Nick Jonas' future girlfriends: The singer does not hold on to the ghosts of past relationships. Jonas revealed he no longer speaks with exes Olivia Culpo or Miley Cyrus — not because they hate each other or anything, but because, well, why would they?

"I don't have a relationship with her now really, but that's not because we have any bad blood — we just sort of run in different circles," Jonas said about Cyrus in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. "I love 'Wrecking Ball' so much. I still think it's one of the best pop songs of the last 10 years. And, you know, she's always been outspoken and authentic to who she is, so it was only a matter of time before she really owned that, and I'm proud of her. It's a lot like watching your high school crush do well, just on a bigger scale."

Can you get a better post-breakup analysis than that? Jonas and Cyrus dated after meeting through their Disney connection (Cyrus was the star of Hannah Montana and Jonas appeared on Camp Rock). He admits she was his very first kiss, but that the kiss also involved pizza breath and wasn't exactly the most romantic. They enjoyed a sweet, typical-young-love kind of relationship, but that doesn't automatically mean they'll have anything to talk about years later as adults.

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Jonas, who is currently single but was rumored to be dating or seeing or whatever-ing with Kate Hudson not long ago, says he is also not in contact with Olivia Culpo, a former Miss Universe, whom he dated for two years before their split in 2015. This time, it sounds like that decision might have come from Culpo.

"I haven't heard from her in a year," Jonas said. "I don't know if I'll hear from her again. I'm not sure."

Jonas openly admits a lot of his new album, Last Year Was Complicated, was inspired by Culpo (hence, the reason why last year was complicated).

"I've thought a lot about whether she's heard it, and I'm sure she's heard 'Champagne Problems' at this point," Jonas told OUT magazine. "The concept of the song, which maybe doesn't stand out on first listen, is, 'You're amazing, you're all the things I hope to find with somebody, but timing, circumstances, all these things play into it not being right.' Champagne is amazing; it tastes delicious but gives you a really bad hangover. That's the idea. …"

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Doesn't it sound like Jonas is trying to get a message out to Culpo through the media? I'm going to go out on a limb and say this relationship may not be over quite yet. It seems like he is harboring resentment over their split or, at the very least, can't shake Culpo from his mind. They're both still young and there's time for them to reconnect if it's in the stars for them to do so. And they were too cute together — so let's hope it happens for them.