That hot guy from Jeopardy? Yeah, you can stop sexting him now

Jeopardy champ Buzzy Cohen is raising heart rates around the country as the hunkiest nerd to ever grace the presence of Alex Trebec, but he has some bad news for those of you hot for his jock.

Cohen’s Clark Kent hair and cocky demeanor have made him the show’s most polarizing contestant in history, but fans who love him really, really love him — perhaps a bit too much.

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In other words, please stop sexting Buzzy.

“There are some really interesting, very forward people that have messaged me things you can’t print on your website,” he told New York Magazine. “I just ignore them. A part of me wonders: Do they really think I’m gonna respond? No, you totally don’t seem crazy for hitting up a stranger that you saw on TV! The thing is, I’m sure they’re just having fun too. But both men and women have sexted me, by the way.”

But beyond the crazy factor, there is another reason he won’t be sending you any dick pics: He’s married. And thankfully, his wife has an excellent sense of humor.

“My wife thinks it’s hilarious,” he said. “Whenever people are like, ‘Oh, Buzzy’s so hot and smart and funny,’ she’s like, ‘Yeah, I know. I agree with you.”

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But not everyone is a big fan of the Buzzster.

It’s just as well: Cohen is finally out of the game, having lost tonight’s match after nine days as Jeopardy champion.

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