American Grit's Tony Simmons is a one-man wonder

May 27, 2016 at 1:12 a.m. ET
Image: FOX

American Grit's Team Tee is down to just one competitor, but if any guy can tackle the competition on his own, it's Tony Simmons. During tonight's episode, his admirable performance proved that a team of one can be more than enough — even on a show that, until now, has been all about teamwork.

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If anything, Simmons' current team setup could be seen as an advantage. Yes, it's super exhausting to have to complete every Evolution challenge alone, and yes, it's even worse to have to do back-to-back Circuses, but Simmons is able to avoid much of the needless drama and infighting that holds the other teams back. This was evidenced during tonight's Evolution, for, despite having to do everything by himself, Simmons still managed to beat the entire Team Rorke. Talk about an accomplishment!

Tony Simmons
Image: FOX

Unfortunately for Simmons, third place is definitely not good enough and the only way to avoid the Circus is to topple Team Noah. This has only been accomplished once, and as amazing a competitor as Simmons is, he probably doesn't have the wherewithal to take down that practically indomitable Team Noah by himself. At this point, I'm guessing that he's just trying to tackle the Evolution as best as he can while still conserving his energy for the Circus.

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Whatever his selected approach happened to be tonight, it obviously worked. Despite going up against one of the strongest competitors on American Grit (triathlete Mario Robinson), Simmons managed to hold his own. All he really needed to do was outlast Kimberly Joy Lipson, and that's exactly what he did. To be fair, Lipson gave up in one of the show's most disappointing and anticlimactic eliminations to date. But that doesn't take away from Simmons' accomplishments.

American Grit Circus
Image: FOX

When Ivette Saucedo was forced home last week, a lot of people seemed to think that it was game over for Team Tee. I, however, have always been very confident in Simmons' abilities. He has the physical strength and mental stamina needed to keep churning out one Circus after another, and having spent so much time on the obstacle course, he now has it down to a science. I like to think that he'll hang in there for at least a few more weeks and prove to everyone that a team of one can be just as strong as a team of four.

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