Bristol Palin’s ex might need to sell plasma to pay his child support bill

Bristol Palin’s bank account is about to get a nice injection after a judge ordered her first baby daddy to pay her a hefty chunk of change.

According to court documents uncovered by TMZ, Levi Johnston must fork over a grand total of $61,915.20 to satisfy his back child support obligations for the couple’s 7-year-old son, Tripp.

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While the pair seems to have finally put their acrimonious parenting relationship behind them, the road has not always been so smooth. A drawn-out custody battle reportedly cost Johnston $100,000 in legal fees, according to a Facebook post he made last winter.

“I’m so happy to have my son in my life, and to put all of this back in [sic] forth in the courts behind me,” he wrote. “It might have taken me 7 years and cost me around $100,000 in lawyer fees, spread out among 3 different lawyers, as well as a lot of patience, but it was all worth it.”

The pair now shares joint custody of their son.

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This was not Palin’s only legal issue regarding her children. She has been working out custody details for her infant daughter, Sailor Grace, with Dakota Meyer, and that seems to be going a lot more smoothly — or, at least, a lot more quickly.

She recently agreed to Meyers’ request that Sailor’s last name be changed from Palin to Meyers, and that he be added to the birth certificate as her father. The couple has agreed that Meyer, who lives in Kentucky, can visit the baby twice a month for four consecutive days.

“Bristol consented to the change of name some time ago,” Palin’s lawyer told People, adding that both Palin and Meyer are “talking directly and just being parents without involving the lawyers.”


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