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Amber Heard had doubts about Johnny Depp before she even said ‘I do’

Amber Heard pulled an ice-cold move filing for divorce from Johnny Depp just days after his mother died, but to her, trouble had been brewing for far too long already.

Heard had doubts about the marriage before it even happened, a pal revealed, and went so far as to tell her friends she was having cold feet at the couple’s engagement party.

“Before Amber met Johnny she was just a regular super cool hipster chick living with roommates who dated girls,” a source told People. “At their engagement party she kind of got cold feet… she was just like what is this scene and what am I doing here? She kind of couldn’t believe it was her life now.”

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The pair did eventually tie the knot in February of 2015, but their union was never a traditional one, insiders say. When they would argue, they would go days without speaking until it blew over, and often would not speak at all when away on separate film shoots.

And, People reports, Depp was not present for Heard’s 30th birthday celebration in Palm Springs in April.

Rumors plagued the marriage from the start: Depp’s alleged drug and alcohol use versus Heard’s rumored affairs could not have been easy on the couple. Adding to the strife? Apparently, Depp’s family could not stand Heard.

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According to TMZ, Depp’s children Jack and Lily-Rose, as well as his sisters and mother, absolutely hated Heard, and the relationship with his mom was strained even further when he moved her into the couple’s home while her health was failing. But sources in Heard’s camp denied the rumors, telling People she “regularly visited [Depp’s mother] in the hospital,” and that “she and Jack had a loving relationship.”

Neither Depp nor Heard have personally commented on the split.

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