Fred Savage's Live! co-host spot is in serious jeopardy thanks to Andy Cohen

May 26, 2016 at 3:33 p.m. ET
Image: David M. Russell-Disney/ABC Home Entertainment And TV Distribution

In good news for Live! fans and bad news for Fred Savage, Andy Cohen co-hosted alongside Kelly Ripathis morning. Cohen is such an experienced host that even his opening banter with Ripa was about a fashion mistake he made this week — while hosting a charity event.

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"I [wore] a gorgeous, mint green summer suit," Cohen says, before going on to explain that he was termed one of GQ's 'Fashion Don'ts' of summer. "Andy, it's beautiful," says Ripa. The two are already on the same page and it's only day one.

Ripa lets Cohen carry the conversation for a few minutes as he elaborates on the horror of being the only one dressed in color — even worse, mint green — at a black tie affair. It's clear that the Watch What Happens Live host is used to running his own talk show, no co-host necessary.

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The two later chatted with guest Susan Lucci, with Cohen sharing that he's a lifelong soap opera fan. Live! fans are totally on board with that, and they want him in the co-host seat. Fans are now casting their votes on Twitter for Andy Cohen to replace Michael Strahan. Sorry, Fred Savage, you may have just been kicked out of the running.


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