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SVU fans, breathe easy — Mariska Hargitay is certain Benson isn’t an alcoholic

Hey, Tucker, Olivia Benson has a tough job — so lay off her a little, OK?

Benson’s latest romantic interest on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit may have stated his concerns about Benson’s consumption of alcoholic beverages, but Mariska Hargitay wants to assure fans that Benson has everything under control.

I think it was a moment, not even a lot. I think it was a moment and that was about, again, external manifestation of what was going on inside, the balancing, but I think it was a moment,” Hargitay recently said to E! News about concerns surrounding Benson’s wine drinking. “It was a moment.”

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Hargitay hasn’t forgotten about Benson’s familial history surrounding alcohol abuse, either. Actually, she thinks the fact Benson’s mother died tragically after falling down the stairs drunk is exactly why Benson won’t let her drinking get out of hand.

“It was a moment and that is why she will never. That’s not her issue, it was a moment,” said Hargitay. “I really think it was about — it was a moment, we’ll leave it at that. Nothing to worry about,” she said.

Did everyone get that? It was just a moment.

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And while Tucker and Benson may butt heads when it comes to Benson’s method of unwinding, Hargitay is convinced that they are pretty much a perfect match otherwise.

SVU still
Image: Michael Parmelee/NBC

“[Tucker] has been such a game-changer for me because not only is he as powerful — she’s such a powerful character — to have somebody that energetically matches her has been incredible,” Hargitay said of the Benson/Tucker matchup. “But also have somebody that understands because he’s even more complicated and a leader more than her… He’s so masculine and so strong and so powerful that she can [exhale] because he’s that, so [Benson] gets to be a different color.”

What do you think of the Tuckson relationship? Is Tucker perfect for Benson?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below!

Mariska Hargitay through the years
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