Don't drop the mic — give it to Candace Cameron Bure

May 26, 2016 at 1:29 p.m. ET
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Those moves, though.

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Candace Cameron Bure performed Vanilla Ice's huge hit "Ice Ice Baby" on The View's karaoke competition, and while the audience is split about her performance, there's one thing no one is criticizing: her dance moves.


Dressed in ripped jeans, sneakers, a bomber jacket over a white tank top and a snap-back hat that read "Candace," Bure nailed the song's rap lyrics, all while busting some moves that the MC himself would be proud of.

And when, halfway through the song, Vanilla Ice himself joined Bure onstage, they even coordinated their moves and danced together while they finished the rap. So cute.

The full video of the performance was posted to The View's Facebook page Thursday morning, and commenters were a little split on whether Bure nailed it or put the last nail in the song's coffin.

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"I just happened to be scrolling channels and stopped on the View in time to catch Candace Cameron Bure doing her karaoke. I must say it was the cutest thing I saw on TV all day. I loved it! Go Candace!!" one commenter wrote.

But another chimed in, "Vanilla ice yes still got it but please never do that again . Candace ruined half the song sorry sounded horrible when she sang it with ya."

And others only took issue with Bure's song choice. "That's not singing it's called rapping, and it's sad that this man is still riding his one hit that wasn't that good to begin with. It's been 25 years, time retire the his one song!" one wrote.

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Do you think Bure did well with her karaoke choice, or should she have left the rapping to Vanilla Ice? Let us know down in the comments.

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