Scott Disick’s taste in women has freaked out Kourtney — but it shouldn’t

By now, most of us have lost hope that Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick will rekindle their romance, especially since Disick is reportedly dating model Christine Burke, who bears a resemblance to Kendall Jenner — and that resemblance is apparently creeping Kardashian out.

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A source recently told Hollywood Life how Disick’s recent hookups have not impressed his ex-girlfriend, saying, “She’s noticed how much his new girlfriend looks like Kendall, how much all these girls he hooks up with seem to look like her younger sisters. It’s weird to her.”

“Scott definitely seems to have a type, preferring tall, brunette model-types that just so happen to be dead ringers for Kenny,” the source continued. “Christine in particular looks like she could be the reality star’s identical twin!”

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Over the years, there have been multiple rumors claiming that Disick has hooked up with Kendall and, most recently, with Kylie Jenner. According to the source, Kardashian is now tired of defending Disick against the rumors that he has been “perving” over her younger sisters.

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“She always used to defend Scott when people accused him of perving on her sisters, but she doesn’t defend him anymore. At this point she doesn’t know what to think,” the source revealed. “Scott has always had a close relationship with Kendall, but now that she’s grown into such a beautiful young woman, he seems to be giving her a different kind of attention.”

Ugh, we don’t know about this. Kendall and Disick are family, and he has known her since childhood, so it’s incredibly hard to wrap our heads around the thought that Disick would be giving Kendall any sort of attention — not to mention that these are rumors the family have previously poked fun at.

The good news is, according to the source, that Kardashian doesn’t believe that her sister and Disick have ever hooked up.

“Kourtney doesn’t believe Scott has slept with any of her sisters. That’s just not even a possibility in her mind. She doesn’t think he would sink that low, and more than that she trusts her sister,” the source told the publication.

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Maybe Disick’s new girlfriends’ looks are just a coincidence? Or maybe he does have a type, but that doesn’t mean that Kendall is one of his interests, now does it!? What do you think? Share your thoughts on this report with us in the comments below.

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