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RHONY Ramona Singer & Dorinda Medley’s drunken fights over men are getting old

Everyone knows that the Housewives love their alcohol. Ramona Singer especially loves her pinot grigio. And usually it’s fun to watch her get drunk and make a fool of herself on TV. But lately, her constant fighting with Dorinda Medley over Medley’s boyfriend, John Mahdessian, is boring and a little depressing.

In the latest episode of Real Housewives of New York, we see the aftermath of Singer’s ridiculous antics at Medley’s party. Singer basically got into a screaming match with Mahdessian on a sidewalk in the middle of NYC. I shouldn’t have to clarify that these individuals are all over the age of 50, but I’m going to because they’re acting like 21 year olds.

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Although Medley and Singer pretended to put the incident behind them in order to be in the same room, they continued to make digs at each other to the point that Carole Radziwill warned they’re on the verge of throwing away a decades-long friendship over a guy.

And that’s the part that makes this whole thing sad.

These are grown women who are still fighting over guys. They can’t get enough perspective to realize that they either need to support each other or agree to disagree so that they can move on and remain close girlfriends. It’s so frustrating to watch women this old and this successful be so incredibly catty and shallow. Of course, it doesn’t help that any time they’re communicating they’re either intoxicated or screaming. But there are only so many issues we can cover in one article.

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Singer is notoriously difficult to talk to or engage in a meaningful conversation with, so most of the blame rests with her. She doesn’t value her girlfriends or the relationships she has with them enough to take their concerns seriously. On the other hand, Medley needs to understand that Singer will never stop throwing passive-aggressive remarks out to the group just to see what she can get away with. If a viewer can figure that out, certainly Medley knows it and could figure out a way to let the comments roll off her back.

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The part that makes it all so annoying is that this isn’t even “good for TV” drama. This is sad, disheartening, all-too-real drama that I just want them to stop. They need to go back to fighting over who brought home a 25-year-old, not actually hurting each other’s feelings.

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