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Pink’s daughter probably shouldn’t be a music critic when she grows up

Pink recently revealed that she lives at home with one of the toughest critics around — her very own daughter, Willow! While promoting her newest song, “Just Like Fire,” the singer said that she can tell that Willow likes the song, not because she said so, but because she didn’t say she hated it. You can always count on your kids to tell you the truth!

“I can tell she likes [my new song] not because she tells me she likes it because she would never do that. She finds my singing distracting. When she was 2, she was like, ‘Shh, Mama, terrible voice.’ First of all, who taught you the word ‘terrible’?” Pink said about her daughter.

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This is why I don’t think Willow has a career in music critiquing or even artist development. We all know how amazing Pink’s voice and live performances are.

Despite her harsh words, Willow still gets doted on by her mom and dad, Carey Hart, constantly. “I love being a mama. I made a choice a long time ago that I was going to have a successful family, and that is my absolute number one goal,” she gushed.

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It’s incredible to hear Pink prioritize her family first, especially when it’s not at the cost of her singing career. Fans know that she experienced a rough childhood with some painful memories as a child, and hearing that she’s dedicated to breaking that cycle is inspiring and also really great to hear. She’s definitely still a badass, even when she’s hosting bake sales with the other PTA moms!

When asked if she would be ready for a second child, the singer answered that she already has a second child in her husband, but is definitely open to the idea of a third. Now that she and Hart have remained solid in their relationship and are focused on raising their daughter, it would be a perfect time to start expanding the family. But, whatever makes her happy (and gives us some killer songs) is what I want for her.

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Oh, and also maybe some perspective for Willow on her mom’s singing voice!

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