Douglas Family Gold's Natalie Hawkins puts other reality moms to shame

May 26, 2016 at 12:30 a.m. ET
Image: Oxygen
Overbearing mothers and reality shows go hand in hand, so it's a rare treat when you see a reality mom actually set a good example for her daughter. It looks like fans of Douglas Family Gold are in for a lot of nice surprises, because Natalie Hawkins has all the makings of the perfect reality mom.

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Tonight's episode focused on Gabrielle Douglas' preparations for a huge competition — the first big step on the road to Rio. She suffered a few stumbles at practice, so of course she was super nervous going into the P&G National Championship. Fortunately, her mom was on hand to calm her down.
Gabby Douglas
Image: Oxygen

The day before the big competition, Hawkins offered Douglas some much-needed advice. She told her daughter, "You're a super conqueror... you don't have to prove anybody wrong." She also reminded Douglas that she has been given a special talent and that it's up to her to use it.

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A good pep talk from your mom is always nice, but some moms go on and on, thereby rendering their wise words meaningless. Not Natalie Hawkins. When she realized that her daughter had had enough, she backed off. That is the true sign of a great mom!
Natalie Hawkins
Image: Oxygen

Comparing Natalie Hawkins to the mothers of, say, Dance Moms might be comparing apples to oranges, but I'm going to do it anyway. Whereas the mothers on other reality shows instigate pointless (and probably scripted) drama that stresses their daughters out, Hawkins makes every effort to ensure that her daughter is calm and collected before competitions. Equipping Douglas with the right mindset cannot be easy for Hawkins, who arguably gets even more stressed out than her daughter. But she understands the importance of family support and is willing to do whatever it takes to position her daughter for success.

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I would love to see more shows like Douglas Family Gold. Yes, we're only one episode in, and yes, drama could be in the show's future, but I have a good feeling that Hawkins will continue to rally around Douglas and show the world what being a gymnastics mom is all about.

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