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Belittling the There Goes the Motherhood cast’s ‘mommy issues’ is not OK

It’s a good thing tonight’s episode of There Goes the Motherhood did not air the week before Mother’s Day, because it certainly did not offer a positive take on the concept of motherhood. Tonight’s episode examined how a mom’s relationship with her own mother can impact her parenting style, and wow, some of these moms sure struggled to get along with their parents.

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The most notable tales of woe featured Jen Bush and Leah Forester. Bush spoke out about her mother first, claiming that she was physically present but mentally checked out. Bush is now somewhat empathetic to her mom’s battle with depression, but she’s still upset that her mother refused to get help.

Image: Bravo

Forester’s story was even sadder than Bush’s. While Bush’s mother was neglectful and emotionally absent, Forester’s was definitely all there — but not in a good way. As a child, Forester was verbally abused by her mother on a regular basis. These insults left deep scars that clearly have yet to heal. Forester acknowledged this, claiming that her mom’s “emotional-holid and rage-aholic” tendencies led to PTSD.

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The children of abusive parents often get caught in their own cycle of abuse and this is one of Forester’s greatest fears. She constantly feels irritated by her daughter Jade and worries that her reaction may one day extend beyond mild annoyance to verbal abuse. Although she puts on a facade of having a perfect life, she clearly is experiencing some major anxiety.

Leah Forester
Image: Bravo

Upon hearing about the moms’ “mommy issues,” several viewers thought back on their own complicated relationships with their mothers. Many spoke out on Twitter, admitting that tonight’s episode left them feeling super emotional.

Sadly, a few of the responses were far less supportive. Multiple viewers made light of Bush and Forester’s problems. Others just wanted the therapy to end so that the show could get on with the usual drama.

We may not know the full story or be able to hear the perspective of Bush and Forester’s mothers, but it’s not fair to simply assume that they’re exaggerating their shared plight or trying to get sympathy. Emotional neglect and verbal abuse are real problems and moms should be able to discuss these issues without being belittled.

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Thankfully, the other moms were far kinder and more supportive than the mean-spirited viewers on Twitter. This brief display of vulnerability may be all it takes for the show’s moms to establish a strong bond. Or it may simply be a very brief break from the drama. Either way, kudos to the moms for being brave and sharing their childhood stories.

Do you think Jen Bush and Leah Forester exaggerated their childhood problems on There Goes the Motherhood? Comment and share your opinion below.

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