I'm definitely stealing Selena Gomez's make-under this summer

May 26, 2016 at 12:20 a.m. ET
Image: WENN

Selena Gomez has started the trend of the summer with her covers for Vogue Brazil. Gomez got a make-under for her double-cover issue and she looks flawless in both. The singer tweeted out pictures of the two covers she shot for Vogue as a collaboration with Louis Vuitton, and fans instantly loved her bare-minimum makeup style.


In the first cover, we see Gomez sitting on the ground in a leather jumpsuit without a hint of eyeliner or eye shadow. In fact, the only thing you can detect is a glossy peach lip (which, like everything else, looks amazing). Beyond just ditching the makeup, Gomez also stayed out of the hair-styling chair as well, opting to go with her natural, slightly wavy hair. Honestly, if this is how she rolls out of bed, I’m still jealous of how beautiful she looks.

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The second cover shows Gomez in beautiful black and white holding on to Louis Vuitton creative director Nicolas Ghesquière. She’s still embracing the natural, just-left-the-beach-I’m-flawless hairstyle and staying away from any dramatic makeup.

Her outfit choices on each cover, however, are still very fashion-forward and aren’t dressed down at all. I especially love the motorcycle-inspired looks for both options. The entire thing was done so beautifully that it’ll be shocking if Gomez fans around the world don’t adopt her make-under style.

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Unfortunately, these magazines won’t hit U.S. stands, which means most people won’t get to see how beautiful cover girls can be without adding dramatic makeup and unattainable looks. We would all benefit from getting rid of some of the pressure that comes along with constantly seeing celebrities looking perfect on the cover of every magazine. Gomez is setting a wonderful example by showing that there is a happy medium we can all strive for.

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Certainly we don’t all have to ditch the makeup and the hairstyles. They’re a fun way to express our individuality and experiment with our style. I don’t think having that avenue to get a little creative is a bad thing. But I do think that when there are girls terrified to leave their house without putting makeup on, we’ve got a problem. So, personally, I love that Gomez has taken this step and chosen this direction for her Vogue covers.

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