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Um, was that [spoiler] Supernatural just brought back from the dead?

Warning: Spoilers from the Supernatural Season 11 finale follow, so read at your own risk.

After what turned out to be one of the best seasons of Supernatural, Season 11 came to an end on Wednesday and it ended on quite the cliffhangers. And by cliffhangers, I mean Sam maybe getting shot and Dean coming face to face with Mary Winchester, who is alive? Yes, you read that correctly.

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Now, let me back it up a bit before I get to those two major plot points. The finale picked up right where the last episode ended, with Amara weakening God. Like she said, she basically cast a slow death over God, which made Sam and Dean’s plans of getting rid of The Darkness more difficult. The only good thing that came between their intense showdown? Amara ripped Lucifer from Castiel’s body, but where she sent him remains unknown. Let’s keep those fingers crossed for a Mark Pellegrino appearance in Season 12.

After a lot of talk and the realization that the sun was dying thanks to Amara and God battling it out, Rowena, Crowley, Cas, Sam, Dean and God came up with a plan to build a bomb of souls that would most likely kill Amara. You know it’s a good plan when Reaper Biller shows up and gives them souls. After gathering hundreds of thousands of souls, Rowena then placed the bomb inside Dean’s heart, because of course that was the only way to carry out the plan.

Before going off to confront and kill Amara, Dean made some heartfelt goodbyes to both Cas and Sam, which definitely felt like Season 5’s “Swan Song” all over again. It was tough. Moving on. Upon meeting Amara, she sensed that Dean was carrying a bomb. Actually, the two ended up having a calm chat about how she never wanted to kill her brother, but she just wanted revenge. Really, Amara didn’t want things to go down the way they did. Dean told her that she could fix it all, especially since God still loves her, because she is family. As fans know, Dean knows all too well what it’s like to fight with family, but no matter what, he and Sam always end up united, because they need and love one another.

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Mary Winchester
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Dean Winchester
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In a moment that seemed too good to be true, Amara and God made up, she restored his power and God thankfully removed the bomb from Dean’s heart. Before God and Amara disappeared as newly rekindled brother and sister, Amara told Dean, “You gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you.”

Well, it sure seems like she did just that. In the very final moments, Dean walked out of some bushes trying to figure out his location and then heard a woman’s voice. Who did he discover? Oh, you know, his mom. That’s right, Mary freaking Winchester. Is she really alive? Did Amara resurrect Mary for Dean? Viewers know how much Mary meant to both Sam and Dean, so maybe she is really back for good? It definitely made for an amazing cliffhanger, but now fans will have to wait until fall to see what happens.

As for Sam, well, he thinks Dean set off the bomb and is dead. That’s not the only bad part. After entering the Men of Letters bunker, he found a woman named Lady Toni Bevelle (played by The Vampire Diaries‘ Elizabeth Blackmore). She is from the London Men of Letters chapter, who apparently is sick of Sam and Dean damaging the world. Now, they want to take them in for doing more harm than good.

While Toni pointed a gun at Sam, he slowly walked toward her. Like Sam expressed, there’s no way she would shoot him, right? Wrong. As the camera panned to Toni, she fired the gun. Did she shoot Sam? Did she just fire a warning shot? Again, fans will have to wait until new episodes air in the fall.

With that, Supernatural definitely left fans wanting more. Who else is ready for the Season 12 premiere?

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