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Ozzy Osbourne’s mistress scandal is turning into one strange love triangle

Last we left Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, they were attempting to patch things up after his affair with his hairstylist Michelle Pugh. The affair is clearly wreaking havoc on their family — just ask daughter Kelly, who was furious enough with Pugh to make her phone number public on Twitter.

Yet according to Page Six, the affair wasn’t about Ozzy. It was about Sharon. This is quite a bold claim to make, but Page Six has an insider who claims that Pugh was less interested in Ozzy than Sharon, and was using him to get closer to her true goals.

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“She wants to be Sharon,” says the source. “That’s why she wanted Ozzy. She didn’t really care about him. She wanted everyone to know that she and Ozzy were together. Ozzy will never talk to that woman again.”

I thought about this for a long time to put a positive spin on it: Whether or not this is true, perhaps it will comfort Sharon to believe that the woman her husband cheated with was really after her. (Lesson of the day: There is always a silver lining, even in a cheating scandal.)

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From the beginning, insiders have believed that the Ozzy and Sharon won’t let this break their 33-year marriage for long. Let’s hope this new information doesn’t throw a wrench into any reconciliation plans. Kelly, hold your Twitter fingers.

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