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Game of Thrones‘ Hodor is either dead or about to go for the Iron Throne

We’ve already discovered, thanks to Jon Snow, that there is always hope that characters aren’t dead, dead on Game of Thrones. So did Hodor meet his true end or is there more of the lovable giant to come?

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Actor Kristian Nairn joked in a recent interview with TV Line — following Hodor’s big death scene on last week’s episode of the show — that he always hoped Hodor was secretly a warg and would be the one to ultimately take over the Iron Throne.

“It was always a joke that Hodor was going to take the Iron Throne, that he was some sort of warg or he was hiding his true identity — I kind of liked that one,” Nairn revealed.

Of course, after seeing Hodor’s backstory, we know he wasn’t hiding his true identity. In fact, if anything, his one word “hodor” was the ultimate key to his true self. We saw in the episode that thanks to Bran’s warging, Hodor, as a young boy named Wylis, got his brain scrambled by the desperate cries that he “hold the door… hold door… hodor,” meaning that his life was a pivotal and tragic circle that allowed Bran and Meera to escape the White Walkers’ grasp but left Hodor at their mercy in his final moments.

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The odds of him actually coming back and conquering the Iron Throne are definitely slim, at best, but Nairn isn’t disappointed. He said he knew there was a chance that Hodor wouldn’t make it to the end of the series, as is true with most Game of Thrones characters, and that his one wish if Hodor were to die was that he “die in a big way.

“If there’s a way to go and make a mark, I can’t think of any better way,” Nairn said. “I got my wish. It’ll always be remembered.”

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Nairn himself wanted to remember the moment, too. The actor admitted that he took a piece of the door that was used in the scene.

Did you think Hodor’s death was the most memorable Game of Thrones death yet?

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