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The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow‘s twisted web is hurting our brains

There’s no doubt that The CW’s The Flash never disappoints when it comes to pretty much every episode. Well, the same can be said for Tuesday’s Season 2 finale, which showcased (spoilers ahead!) Barry going back in time to save his mother, Nora, from being killed by the Reverse-Flash.

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Shocking, right? By episode’s end, Barry was feeling so much pain, especially with Zoom killing his father, this was apparently the only way he felt like he could cope with the loss of both of his parents. Whatever the case, Barry once again traveling back to the night of his mother’s death and changing the timeline of events left fans scratching their heads.

What is going to happen now come Season 3? Obviously, the possibilities are endless and I have faith in the creators to make the third season just as fantastic as the past two. That said, I’m sure viewers, myself included, are curious as to how Barry’s huge decision in saving his mother will affect not only The Flash itself, but also the show’s sister series, including Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow and even Supergirl.

Nora Allen
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The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow are not only connected, but they all take place on Earth-1. The characters and story lines connect in more ways than one. Plus, there have also been crossovers. Since Barry changed the past, does this mean everything he has done since the death of his mother never happened? Does this mean that Barry no longer has his powers? Is this how Supergirl will be introduced into the DC Comics/CW universe?

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Really, the questions are endless. Thanks to all of this, my brain really hurts about how everything is going to work now and whether or not Barry’s action will send a ripple effect through every other DC show on The CW. I can’t imagine that his decision won’t have some kind of affect. I don’t know about other fans, but it’s hard enough to keep up with all of the timeline rules, but now? Yeah, I have a headache.

I can only assume that Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg (who both work on Arrow, Legends, The Flash and Supergirl) have come up with some game plan of how to move forward with Barry saving Nora. Or at least I really hope they have. I mean, you can’t really write a series that incorporates time travel without thinking about its implications.

Here’s hoping Arrow‘s Season 4 finale (airing Wednesday, May 25) will answer some of those questions. Plus, maybe, just maybe, Barry will somehow restore the timeline and everything will be A-OK. Who knows, but it’s definitely a mind-bender.

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