Come on, Jill and Patrick Dempsey, we all know you’re not actually divorcing

We definitely saw this coming.

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According to TMZ, Jill and Patrick Dempsey’s divorce case is about to be thrown out because of inactivity.

It’s been obvious for months that the famous pair had called off their divorce. But they never canceled the actual divorce filing, and now a judge is telling them it’s about to be thrown out.

TMZ claims that Judge Maren Nelson sent a legal document to Jill explaining that the case is stagnant because Jill hasn’t made any movements since filing in January of last year. The document also warns that unless the couple takes action, their divorce case is likely to be dismissed.

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As TMZ reports, the divorce was never really a thing. Jill was reportedly frustrated that Patrick was spending more time with his race cars than with his family, and made the filing to get his attention. And clearly, it worked, because Patrick seriously cut back on racing — that is, until he left Grey’s Anatomy so he could start pursuing his auto racing career full time.

When Jill filed for divorce, Patrick didn’t even bother to file an official response, and there’s been no action in their case since then. He did, however, say that he wanted to stay married and would do what it took to win back his wife’s affection. It looks like it worked, because they’re still not divorced and appear to be going strong.

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Are you surprised that Patrick and Jill Dempsey seem to have called off their divorce, or did you see it coming? Let us know down in the comments.

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