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Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet about Hillary Clinton is causing the Twittersphere to implode

Ellen DeGeneres and Donald Trump are never going to be buddies. It’s just not going to happen. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand… well, that’s an interview match made in heaven. But could there be more to DeGeneres’ support for Clinton than mere political opinion? A recent tweet promoting her interview with Clinton indicates that she may be more interested in her gender than her policies.

The potentially offensive tweet included a picture of the dynamic duo and a reference to Donald Trump’s “woman card” comment that fired up so many Americans last month. Instead of claiming that the woman card doesn’t exist (or, as many have done, insisting that Trump has the man card), DeGeneres appears to have embraced it, as evidenced by the photo caption, “Woman Cards accepted here.”

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DeGeneres’ photo caption upset a lot of followers. Many accused her of choosing to back Clinton merely because she happens to be female. Interestingly enough, most of the vitriol appears to be from the left — ostensibly, Bernie Sanders supporters who don’t think Clinton’s proposed policies go far enough. Others feel that Clinton has a problematic history as a politician because while DeGeneres was fighting for LGBT rights, Clinton was stating her opposition to same-sex marriage.

There may be something to the accusations of DeGeneres supporting Clinton because she’s a woman. But the more likely explanation for her support is that she’s convinced Clinton will win the nomination. During her interview, DeGeneres claimed, “It very much appears that you will be the nominee. It just looks like 99 percent sure you’ll be the nominee.” Although DeGeneres is by no means alone in this belief, it’s a perception that Sanders’ supporters are still trying to combat. No doubt, they’re upset that DeGeneres is treating Clinton’s nomination as a sure thing.

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Ultimately, DeGeneres’ chief goal is to unify and “bring kindness back to America.” She’s sick of the nastiness and the general mean-spirited nature of the 2016 presidential campaign. However, social media has made it clear that her efforts are not creating unity, but rather creating an even greater divide.

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What do you think of Ellen DeGeneres’ woman card comment? Is she merely supporting Hillary Clinton because she’s a woman? Comment and share your opinion below.

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