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Excerpt from My Lover’s Keeper will leave you squirming in your seat (in a good way)

New from Emmy award-winning television producer Kerri Zane is My Lover’s Keeper, the sensual story of how a successful married woman will go to great lengths to get her boy on the side back.

About the book

I had it all. The perfect life. A loving husband and a hot, sexy lover.

But then my lover decided he wanted more. He was ready for a real relationship. And that was not me. I didn’t get mad. I decided I was going to help. I hatched a plan. But it backfired. He fell in love with her.

The bitch.

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Now I have a new plan. I’m going to do whatever it takes to straighten out this mess of my good deed gone wrong.

I will get my lover back.

NSFW! Here’s your super steamy excerpt from My Lover’s Keeper:

He’s totally being a gentleman. Letting me feel comfortable, patiently waiting for my move.

I put my glass down on the table and run my fingers through his hair. I do so care about him.

He moves in closer to kiss me.

The alcohol, soothing music, twenty-plus years of waiting and the warmth of his body next to mine finally click. I can’t wait anymore. His lips against mine warm me to my core like the sun’s rays drying the morning dew. They evaporate any residual fear. I move in closer. Sitting hunched on my knees, I can no longer hold my balance and with the weight of my body, I pour myself on top of him. My inhibitions dissolve into ghostly mirages, as his tongue purposefully searches the inner depths of my mouth.

Taking my hand, he gently walks me over to the bed.

I pull down the comforter, homage to my earlier germaphobic misgivings, slip off my tee, wriggle out of my jeans and drape my body over the cool, crisp, thankfully clean, white sheets.

I smile without saying a word. I can see, even through his jeans, that I have gotten to him. He lies down beside me, still fully clothed. “You sure you’re okay with this?” he asks once more.

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Seeing how aroused he is and feeling the heat between my thighs just looking at his hardness have me convinced. I cannot imagine stopping now. I nod. “I bought these for you,” I say, directing his gaze to my black see-through Agent Provocateur bra and matching panties.

“Thank you. They’re beautiful, just like you,” he says as he tugs at his shirt, unbuttoning from top to bottom and slipping down his pants.

He slides my body up onto the bed, laying my head on the pillow. I hum softly, as his fingers gently trail up my leg, his tongue lightly tracing soft circles on my inner thigh. Every nerve ending is gearing up, firing shocks of wanting to my yearning V. I moan with pleasure and shut my eyes, allowing myself to be that in-love twenty-year-old again.

“Oh my god, David,” I murmur.

His hands glide around my thighs, urging my legs to spread farther apart. I can feel his hot breath on my skin, the wetness of his tongue seeping through the material of my lacy panties. “I missed you,” I whisper softly and grind my hips up, urging his tongue to press more firmly against me.

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“Mmmm,” he murmurs.

Wrapping his arms under my bottom, he pulls my pussy toward him. “Move with me, Jen.”

I mindlessly follow his instructions. He urges, his mouth murmuring again, the vibration from his delight intensifying the feeling.

I alternate between running my fingers through his hair and rubbing my inner thighs, gasping with pleasure. Then I pull the sheer material of my panties to one side for him. “Take me there, David.” I look up at him and then lie back, wanting to fully relish the ever-increasing orgasmic tingle.

“What you’re doing feels so good,” I whisper hoarsely.

I reach down and grab my panties, slipping them off so I can freely open my legs wide wanting — no, needing — him to taste me. “Take me,” I urge. My brain focuses on his every move and my yearning responsiveness. As the tip of his tongue presses against my swelling button, I feel pleasure pulsating through my whole body.

Yes, it only gets hotter from here. Pick up your copy of My Lover’s Keeper from Kerri Zane today.

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