Not sure if Blake Shelton has a gambling problem? Well, here’s your answer

There have been rumors that Blake Shelton loves gambling, and this The Voice preview sees Shelton addressing those claims as he takes bets with people on just about everything!

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The video starts with Shelton challenging fellow coach Pharrell Williams to a bet about one of this songs.

“Hey Pharrell, I bet you I can get everyone in this auditorium to sing along to one of my songs,” Shelton states. To which Williams replies, “I’ll take that bet; I don’t know any of your songs.” Burrrrn.

Shelton then gets super excited and takes to the stage to try to get the crowd to sing along to his song “Boys ‘Round Here.” What happens next? Crickets. No one sang along, and it was hilarious.

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Shelton then tells the camera, “Everyone around here thinks I have a gambling problem, and I don’t have a gambling problem. I don’t. You wanna bet?”

We then see Shelton betting The Voice host, Carson Daly, that he could drink an entire bottle of hot sauce, then taking bets on whether Williams and Hannah Huston would wear the same colors, and if Adam Levine can balance a drum stick on his nose as well as a guitar stand.

LOL, it’s a funny video, and it’s great to see that Shelton can poke fun at the rumors about him.

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What do you think of Shelton? Do you think he’s a great entertainer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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