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Forget Todd Chrisley, I’m taking business lessons from Chase now

Todd Chrisley is an incredible businessman. He has set his family up for success by working very hard on his various business ventures. Unfortunately, if he hoped to pass down his specific type of work ethic, he’s not going to see that dream come true. Chase, his oldest son, definitely has an entrepreneurial spirit like his father, but he doesn’t follow the rules quite like him.

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In the latest episode of Chrisley Knows Best, Todd leaves Nashville for a few days and puts Chase in charge of the house and the family juice business. As soon as Todd is on the plane, Chase starts scheming to delegate his work to his younger brother and his grandmother. He doesn’t see the need to work when he can get other people to do it for him. And honestly, it’s pretty charming.

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Chase is more of the ask for forgiveness rather than permission type. He regularly goes behind Todd’s back to make things happen for himself. You get the feeling that he’s a work smarter not harder type. Watching him get what he wants and have fun bugging his dad is one of the most entertaining parts of the show.

More of us could learn a lesson from the way that Chase approaches business and life. He takes what he wants and does just enough to bend the rules but never break them. At his core, he has good intentions; he just doesn’t want to follow the path set in front of him. That definitely bothers his dad, but when has the older generation ever been happy with the way the younger generation does something?

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It’ll be up to Chase whether or not he can rein in his antics a little bit to earn all of Todd’s trust and prove that he can be a successful businessman, but in the meantime, it’s fun, and dare I say inspiring, to watch him do things his own way.

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