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Get ready — Girl Meets World is throwing it back in a major way

Girl Meets World had some huge shoes to fill when it started airing in 2014. Everyone who grew up watching the show still held a candle for Cory Matthews, Topanga and the whole gang. And now in its third season, it’s a hit on all its own. But like many greats in TV, the showrunners realized there would be no Girl Meets World without Boy Meets World, so they shot an entirely new opening sequence for the third season and it’s incredible.

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So many of the scenes shot with the Girl Meets World cast were inspired by the original opening sequence of Boy Meets World. From the funny faces, to the goofy dances and even the iconic spilling of the water bucket — all of it is included in the new opening of Girl Meets World. It’s impossible not to get the feels just from watching it.

There is definitely an art to revamping old shows that people have grown up with their entire lives. Some shows (ahem, Fuller House) rely too much on the success of the original show and sort of fall flat as a stand-alone effort. With Girl Meets World, there are elements of Boy Meets World, but it also could exist as its own show. I’m not saying it’s better than Boy Meets World, by the way. That would just be crazy. But it is a good show that balances pleasing old fans with engaging new ones.

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One piece of trivia that Boy Meets World fans are loving about the new opening credits is the fact that Ben Savage is directing it. As Rowan Blanchard, who plays Riley Matthews on the show, put it, “It’s kind of like he’s directing himself because we’re basically doing what he did for the Boy Meets World main titles.”
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That may be the key to the success and the extreme feels the show gives us now — that the key players who everyone fell in love with back then are involved and making us fall in love with them all over again.

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