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Pink totally loses it over her celebrity crush and we can all absolutely relate

Pink is known to be a tough, independent woman. Not the type you would picture as a giggling fangirl. But on her recent Jimmy Kimmel Live! appearance, we all learned that she’s not too good for a fangirl moment — you just have to know who to bring out. Apparently, Kimmel figured out that Pink’s biggest crush is Johnny Depp and decided to bring the Pirates of the Caribbean star out to surprise the singer. The reaction he got was priceless.

While Pink was retelling the story of her first meeting with Depp, the actor appeared from backstage. The singer instantly got up to give him a huge hug. She couldn’t contain her excitement even while playfully fighting with Kimmel.

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“Go away. That was awful. That sucks. I hate you. I hate you,” Pink said to him once Depp had left the stage. She looked exactly like a fangirl with the biggest crush. It was adorable and totally relatable because most of us would have that exact same reaction to Depp.

The entire encounter went off much better than the first time Pink met him. She said, “I didn’t want to meet him. My husband made me meet him, which was so dumb. I was hiding behind records in a record store and I was like, ‘Don’t do this. I don’t want to meet him.’”

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Her husband, retired motocross star Carey Hart, persisted and the stars did meet, but Pink was disappointed that it wasn’t a great first impression. She told Kimmel, “I don’t think I nailed it.”

At least this time she got a huge hug out of it!

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It’s fun to see celebrities get bashful in front of each other. It reminds us all that they’re human and that everyone is a fangirl over someone else. And, thankfully, us regular folks don’t have to deal with an embarrassing surprise meeting in front of a live audience and on national television.

There are perks to being a normal person, after all.

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