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People love Fred Savage on Live! so much they’re forgetting about Kelly Ripa

Fred Savage was a huge hit on Live! this week — and not just with the audience.

The banter between Savage and Kelly Ripa revealed that the crew was extremely relieved to put the tension caused by Michael Strahan’s departure behind them, so much so that they bent over backwards to make Savage feel at home. One even picked out the actor’s socks for him!

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Ripa revealed she knew something was going on when her usual squad wasn’t chilling in her dressing room pre-show.

“Art Moore, the esteemed Art Moore picked out my socks today,” Savage said. “We both love socks and he gave me four pairs of socks and I chose these. I had a couple outfits to wear and I did a this or that and Art helped get me dressed this morning.”

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“I was wondering because Art usually hangs out in my dressing room with me and then I see Gelman running by my room and I thought he had a spring in his step and I’ve got items to talk about — he was going to you,” Ripa explained.

Savage was so well-received, in fact, that he is rumored to be on the short list of possible candidates for Ripa’s cohost. Fans went nuts over his appearance, and that obviously plays a huge part in who they are going to choose. But he will have to compete with Ripa’s bestie Anderson Cooper and other rumored hopefuls like Andy Cohen to nab the gig.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Kelly Ripa slideshow
Image: WENN

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