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If you aren’t sick of Blake Shelton gushing over Gwen Stefani, there’s more

Blake Shelton is whipped! Seriously, he can’t stop gushing about Gwen Stefani and it’s pretty darn adorable — even if he does have a bit of verbal diarrhea.

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During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Shelton wanted everyone to know how lucky he feels to be dating Stefani, and his feelings for her actually inspired his new track, “A Guy With a Girl” (featured on his newly released album, If I’m Honest).

I just like being with her, but when she’s all dolled up and we go places, it’s always fun for me,” Shelton told Entertainment Tonight on Monday, hot on the heels of their awesome Billboard Music Awards performance. “If she was here right now, not one person here would be looking at anybody else but her. It’s just cool to know that’s who I came here with. That’s basically what [“A Guy With a Girl”] is about. They may come up and talk to me, but it’s only because I’m one person over from her. Pretty cool.”

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OK, but it’s not just Stefani’s killer looks that have Shelton hooked: The pair is very happy and they do appear to have a lot of fun together. But despite their happiness, the constant headlines about them can get a little tiresome.

“I read that we’re having twins in the latest tabloid, and I think you can fit two humans in there,” Shelton joked, referring to his stomach. “Maybe three in there!” That’s the downside to two famous people dating each other — you’re going to get spoken about. The good news is that although the tabloid headlines may be annoying, they don’t really seem to be getting to Shelton. And while the couple doesn’t have any plans to have kids of their own (at least not just yet), Shelton has been getting to know Stefani’s three young sons (whom she shares with Gavin Rossdale).

“When they come out there, I don’t see them much because if they’re at my place in Oklahoma, they’re in the woods,” Shelton joked. “I don’t know how to keep control of them.”

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Do you love hearing about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s relationship? Or do you think it’s time they kept it to themselves? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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