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Brielle Biermann’s Snapchat blowup deserves to be called out

Brielle Biermann went off on the rumors she has had extensive plastic surgery last night, but her rant is just as off-putting as the accusations in the first place.

Facing comments that she has had everything from a nose job to a boob job to butt implants, Biermann finally snapped on Snapchat. However, her hotheaded denial is offensive in its own way to millions of women.

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“Y’all are so fucking disgusting to think that I’ve had any plastic surgery done to my face,” she said on the now-deleted video, adding that her changing looks are “just genetics.

“Stop trying to tear me down and make [me] seem like I’m someone who’s fake, because I’m not. I would be honest about all the plastic surgery I’ve had done and it’s getting really ridiculous and hurtful.”

While her frustration is understandable, her choice of words is not. Why would it be “disgusting” to think someone had plastic surgery? Why would talking about it be considered tearing someone down? Why would it be ridiculous and hurtful? All of these statements imply that plastic surgery is something to be ashamed of. It’s not.

It is nothing to be ashamed of, because what someone chooses to do with the appearance of their own face and their own body is none of anyone else’s business. If a woman chooses to make her nose smaller or bigger, that’s her choice, and she needs neither to justify nor defend that choice.

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While Biermann’s instinct to defend herself against untrue rumors is understandable, her choice of words is not. Perhaps a better tactic would be to thank those people for thinking she looks so great that they think she must have had plastic surgery.

But Biermann’s only nod to acceptance was her admission that she has her lips filled, like Kylie Jenner — and in fact, the two see the same doctor for the procedure.

“She looks like a completely different person and she says all she’s had done is her lips. And same with me. I was honest about my lips, which took a lot of courage for me to do, and I’m being honest now,” she explained.

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