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We can’t even handle the Teresa Giudice RHONJ drama in the trailer

Clearly, Teresa Giudice didn’t learn how to deal with drama while in prison.

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Giudice is set to make her The Real Housewives of New Jersey return in Season 7, and the trailer promises that she’ll be in rare form, with tears and harsh words spewing out left and right.

It’s been nearly two years since Season 6 of the show aired because, clearly, it just isn’t RHONJ without Giudice, but even the trailer is filled with so many streaming dramatics that I’m not sure how I’m possibly going to handle the entire season.

Not to mention, Giudice’s children crying over their dad, Joe Giudice, heading to prison is a heartbreaker. He did the crime, now he has to do the time, but the show — even just in the trailer — does a great job of showing that it isn’t just Joe who’s suffering. The entire Giudice clan is paying for the sins of their parents, and it’s anything but easy.

With that in mind, it’s easy to excuse some of Teresa’s volatile behavior. She is going through a lot.

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The Giudice family says in the trailer that they’re just trying to move forward and get through all the prison time. Teresa then tells the camera that it is her goal to make sure this never happens again. Of course, she’s still also putting most of the blame on Joe, which means that history is going to repeat itself if the family doesn’t find a way to accept responsibility.

Meanwhile, Teresa isn’t just dealing with her family drama — she’s also dealing with the other ladies.

There’s yelling, there’s crying, there’s finger-pointing. The works.

“It’s been a while,” housewife Melissa Gorga says. “Things are changing in Jersey.”

But are they really?

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Because it still looks like the same catty (albeit addicting) drama to me.

Check out the trailer below for a sneak peek at all the beef that’s going down in this season.

Does the trailer make you sympathize with the Giudice family, or do they deserve the family drama they brought on themselves?

Before you go, check out our slideshow below:

rhonj gia slideshow
Image: Gia Giudice/Instagram

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