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Don’t even try to say The Voice finale was rigged

Once a complete game changer in the overcrowded reality singing competition landscape, The Voice has become just as predictable as every other show of its ilk, if not worse. I determined a few months ago that Alisan Porter was destined to win Season 10, and lo and behold… she has been crowned champion!

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Don’t get me wrong — I am very, very happy for Porter. She is amazingly talented and she definitely deserved to win. Not to mention how awesome is it to finally have a female coach on top?! My happiness with Porter’s victory does not, however, make up for my disappointment regarding the nature of the finale. These last three seasons, I’ve accurately pinpointed the winner months before the show wrapped. Just once, I’d like to be wrong!

The Voice finalists
Image: NBC

I’m certainly not the only person disappointed by The Voice‘s finale. After Porter’s victory was revealed, several disgruntled viewers took to Twitter to share their annoyance. A few even claimed that the show was rigged! According to these naysayers, Porter only won because the powers that be at NBC were desperate for a female coach to emerge victorious.

I’m not so sure that the show is rigged, but I do find it interesting how passionately the judges advocate for certain stars… and how their favorites always seem to win! This doesn’t necessarily mean that the results were rigged all along — it probably just goes to show that the judges hold a lot of sway with voters. That being said, I’d like the judges to pipe down and let viewers decide for themselves.

Alisan Porter
Image: NBC

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If The Voice continues down its current path, I think the show is going to lose a lot of viewers. Yes, we tune in every week for great performances above all else, but we want a little competition as well. And we want to think that our votes matter. If the fury on Twitter is any indication, a lot of longtime fans are about to jump ship. Unfortunately, they may be doing so for the wrong reason.

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What did you think of last night’s finale? Are you happy Alisan Porter won? Or do you think the results were rigged? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

the voice contestants who shouldve won slideshow
Image: NBC

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