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That feud you saw on Below Deck Med? It was nothing compared to the truth

After some serious drama involving makeout sessions, fish phobias and the corniest poem imaginable, Danny Zureikat and Bobby Giancola seemed to be on their way to a reconciliation on Below Deck Mediterranean. By the end of tonight’s episode, their feud was all but forgotten, with the two goofing off on the yacht while the other crew members enjoyed a night out.

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Things may have ended on a high note for Zureikat and Giancola, but if Twitter is any indication, their relationship remains fractured to this day. Turns out, there is way more to the story — and Zureikat may not be the only bad guy!

Below Deck: Med
Image: Bravo

Nasty tweets are always to be expected when a Bravo spat airs, but rarely do they get as personal as they did tonight. And on a channel best known for its Real Housewives, that’s saying something! A lot of the drama involved Giancola, who went on the attack almost immediately.

Not one to back down from a social media feud, Zureikat responded with a few nasty tweets of his own. He also went after Hannah Ferrier.

The object of Zureikat’s affection also spoke out, and clearly, she was not happy about what she saw on TV and on Twitter.

Later on Periscope, Zureikat said that he was very upset about all of the mudslinging on Twitter. Of course, he was quick to throw the mud right back, claiming that his fellow crew members were as fake as could be. He predictably went after Giancola with some very interesting accusations. If Zureikat is to be believed, Giancola’s also crossed the line with one of the Tilted Kilt ladies.

Danny Zureikat
Image: Bravo

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Giancola’s problematic behavior may never be brought to light on the show, but Zureikat hopes that he will one day be able to reveal his nemesis for who he really is. If his allegations are true, Giancola is definitely not the golden boy he’s made himself out to be. For now, however, he’s refusing to back down. His response to Zureikat’s allegations? “Sucks to be [Zureikat]. Sucks to suck.”

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What did you think of tonight’s episode of Below Deck Mediterranean and the ensuing Twitter drama? Are you Team Danny or Team Bobby? Comment and share your opinion below.

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