Southern Charm‘s Craig was a fool for calling Whitney out

A few Southern Charm episodes back, we saw the wheels start to turn in Craig Conover’s head. The wannabe bourbon mogul convinced himself that he pieced together why Whitney Sudler-Smith hates Kathryn Dennis so much: because he’s in love with her.

When Craig first started filling girlfriend Naomie Olindo in on his theory, it sounded ridiculous. Whitney cwy over a wittle girl? Ha! He has a rad place in LA and plays guitar and wears jeans jackets! That is, until it started to make complete sense. While Craig told Naomie that he realized it was obvious that Whitney was just butt-hurt because Kathryn had hooked up with him — and then got together with his best friend, Thomas Ravenel, a week later — Bravo began cutting back to past episodes where it does seem like Whitney, who’s always too cool for school, once had a real thing for Kathryn. Craig cracked the code! Everything made sense! It was perfectly obvious why Whitney hates — if that word is even strong enough — Kathryn with such passion. His feelings were hurt.

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Any respectable Southern Charm viewer knew that there was no way that Craig had the self-restraint to keep this information to the confines of his brain and his girlfriend. Craig is a lot of things — handsome, a man who can rock pink like no other, blissfully unaware at times — but he doesn’t appear to be in possession of the world’s greatest self-control. But who thought he was going to bring it up how and when he did? Worst. Timing. Ever. What were you thinking, Craig?

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Despite the fact that everyone seemed to be having a good time at Shepard “Shep” Rose’s parent’s vacation home, there seemed to be a weird, tension-filled undercurrent between Whitney and Craig. You know you saw it. During last week’s episode, Whitney, who, yes, was wasted, was being weirdly rude to Craig while he grilled steak for everyone. (“You put salt on mine? Great, I don’t eat salt.” “You’re using the same tongs you used for the raw meat for the cooked meat?” Annoying!) But still, why did Craig have to go and bring up his Kathryn theory in front of everyone at dinner? There’s no going back from that. More so than offending Whitney, he embarrassed the crap out of him. How could these two ever be friends again?

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Craig was fed up with Whitney’s bitching about Kathryn (and probably with his bitching about him, too), but duuuude. There’s a time and a place. Maybe Craig should have gone to Shep first so he could have gotten a pulse on the situation. If Shep’s reaction was an over-the-top, “No way!” then he would have known it was one of those things best kept to himself. Or if he couldn’t stand to keep it in any longer, then he should have talked to Whitney in private. Sure, Whitney would have vehemently denied everything (which, let’s face it, only makes Craig’s theory seem true), but their relationship would have been salvageable. Craig and Whitney are done, no doubt about it.

Even if Whitney secretly has an “I love Kathryn” tattoo on the small of his back, in no universe will he ever admit to having had feelings for her. And even though his disdain for Kathryn is so completely ridiculous and out of control, it’s hard not to side with him a little bit because he was so blindsided by Craig — not to mention, a perfectly fun night was completely ruined thanks to Craig’s poor judgement.

Craig, you may have gotten to the bottom of Whitney’s hatred for Kathryn, but you kinda blew it when it came to execution. And just like that, you’re theory has been usurped by a petty fight. Maybe next time, dude.

Who do you think is in the wrong?


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