In one harsh tweet, Kelly Osbourne annihilated Ozzy Osbourne’s hairdresser GF

Kelly Osbourne is clearly struggling to accept her father’s infidelity. While mom Sharon Osbourne continues to smile and host The Talk in the wake of the announcement that she is splitting from Ozzy, her husband of 33 years, after an affair with his hairstylist, daughter Kelly Osbourne apparently doesn’t want to pretend that everything is OK.

She took to Twitter to call out Michelle Pugh in a very thinly-veiled subtweet about her profession and her, shall we say, extracurricular hobbies.

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Kelly Osbourne / Twitter
Image: Kelly Osbourne / Twitter

All signs point to this really being Pugh’s number. The line goes directly to an automated message: “The number… has been changed. The new number is unknown.” Osbourne has over 4 million Twitter followers. The tweet has been retweeted over 429 times. Can you imagine all the calls and text messages that Pugh must have gotten before she was able to change it? Osbourne has put us in the very weird place of feeling sorry for her.

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While Osbourne’s anger is certainly valid, it’s important to note that her father is the one who broke a wedding vow to her mother. How about making Ozzy’s number public? We all take out anger in different ways, but publicly shaming someone with no way to fight back against all your Twitter followers and your famous family probably isn’t the best way. As hilarious as this is, Osbourne should know better than this.

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