Teen Mom Jenelle Evans just became my body-positive role model

Jenelle Evans may not know what she’s doing in her love life, but she certainly proved herself as a great role model for girls who want to learn to love themselves. The Teen Mom 2 star recently gained some weight, which has caused all kinds of people to attack her with comments about how bad she looks or questioning whether or not she is pregnant again. While she made it clear that she is definitely not pregnant, she mostly avoided the fat jokes. Until now.

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Evans posted a picture to her Instagram in nothing but her bikini with the caption that read, “I love my body for the way it is. Once again, not pregnant… Lol yes I’ve gained weight, healthy weight.” She also added, “This what happens when you are truly happy in life and in a healthy relationship. Getting back in my workout grind tho!”

We say, good for her!

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Everyone knows it is true that you gain weight in happy relationships, but there’s also the fact that Evans isn’t dabbling in drugs like she has in the past. That is a bigger win than getting herself into a healthy relationship, although that helps too.

And it shouldn’t go unnoticed that she still looks great in her bikini. Sure, she has a few curves now, but fans are used to seeing her as a teenager. She’s a woman now. None of us has the same body we had when we were 16. It’s great to see her embracing the way she is changing, both physically and mentally, and showing her young fans that you should love yourself at every size, while still working to be healthy and happy.

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This may be the first sign of maturity we’ve seen from Evans. Maybe her relationship with boyfriend, David Eason, was the turning point she needed to get her life together and leave her crazy past behind her.


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