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RHOD‘s Aaron Hendra earns househusband of the year with touching performance

Talk about tears! Tonight marked arguably The Real Housewives of Dallas‘ most emotional episode yet, with Brandi Redmond — who was already in the midst of some major emotional upheaval with her husband — learning of her brother’s attempted suicide. Redmond’s brother is a vet, and since returning, he’s been forced to navigate the nightmare of PTSD. He tried to reach out to his sister for help, but she did not understand what terrible shape he was in at the time. His battle with PTSD led to a suicide attempt, which left Redmond reeling during tonight’s episode.

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It was touching to see the Housewives — especially Stephanie Hollman — rallying around Redmond in her time of duress. Even LeeAnne Locken managed to briefly forget the usual drama and think of her top adversary as a fellow human being. Interestingly enough, the most emotional tribute to Redmond’s brother came not from one of the Housewives, but rather, one of their husbands. The sweet gesture of a kindhearted househusband offered a refreshing break from the guys’ usual behavior on RHOC and RHOA, where significant others are uncaring at best and downright nasty at worst.

Brandi and Stephanie
Image: Bravo

The guy in question? Aaron Hendra, who I am ashamed to say I have previously referred to as a wannabe Keith Urban. I still take issue with his hairstyle, but there’s more to him than his luscious head of hair. He is an anomaly in the world of the Real Housewives, as he seems like a genuinely good guy.

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During a special charity performance (which already would have earned him major points among RHOD viewers), Hendra went out of his way to show his support for Redmond and her family. This was very, very thoughtful, and while I suspect the empathetic Tiffany Hendra was behind it, I think her husband deserves major props for playing along.

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Redmond was clearly touched by the gesture; the musical number had her in tears. She later voiced her appreciation for the performance by giving Hendra a big hug. As Dallas Keith Urban’s wife pointed out, the performance didn’t just make Redmond happy — it transformed the entire evening into an actual Dallas charity event, as opposed to the usual messes we witness on RHOD. Who knew a little kindness could pay such dividends?

Aaron Hendra
Image: Bravo

I am so relieved to see a nice guy take center stage on a Housewives show. Thank you, Aaron Hendra, for showing us that you don’t have to be mean-spirited to make your mark in the world of The Real Housewives.

What did you think of Aaron Hendra’s performance? Comment and share your opinion below.

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