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All you naysayers need to hush up about The Voice‘s Laith Al-Saadi’s guitar

Every week, Laith Al-Saadi shows up on The Voice with his trusty guitar. And every week, somebody complains. Critics claim that, because the show is called The Voice, the focus should be solely on Al-Saadi’s voice and not on his brilliant work on the guitar. These naysayers believe that Al-Saadi’s instrumental talent gives him an unfair advantage over his adversaries. They may be right, but I don’t care. I love Al-Saadi’s guitar and I’m so glad he hasn’t caved in to the pressure to get rid of it.

Laith on The Voice
Image: NBC

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I’ve always had an appreciation for multi-talented artists who can wow with both their vocal chords and an instrument at the same time. Typically, I prefer Vanessa Carlton types who can belt out beautiful songs while providing their own piano accompaniment. However, I also enjoy performances such as Al-Saadi’s. I think his ability on the guitar brings something unique to a show that sometimes feels a bit stale.

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If Al-Saadi’s voice was absolutely horrendous, I would agree with the critiques about his guitar overshadowing all else. However, I think his voice is great and not something that he absolutely has to hide behind fancy riffs on the guitar. Additionally, I believe that any advantage he has with his guitar is balanced by the fact that he’s forced to divide his focus between his instrument and his voice.

Laith on The Voice
Image: NBC

I may be all in favor of Al-Saadi and his guitar, but I am likely in the minority. A lot of people — including some of the judges — want him to put his guitar away and just sing. The critics were out in full force tonight, attacking Al-Saadi for being on the wrong reality show.

I understand why people are annoyed with Al-Saadi’s use of the guitar, but I’m not convinced that his instrumental talent is the only reason he’s made it this far in the competition. It would certainly be interesting to see a more stripped-down solo, but I am perfectly happy with his amazing combination of vocals and guitar.

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What do you think of Laith Al-Saadi’s use of guitar on The Voice? Do his guitar solos give him an unfair advantage over the other contestants? Comment and share your opinion below.

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