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We didn’t want to see (and hear) Kanye in bed, but it happened anyway

There is nothing too personal for Kim Kardashian to share with the world — not a sex tape, not a nude selfie or a pregnancy test. And now she’s comfortable sharing what her and Kanye do in bed at 4 a.m.

When they were inventing Snapchat, I really hope this is what they envisioned for the app at its height of success.

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The reality TV star couldn’t sleep, so she took to Snapchat to talk to her fans and address the recent controversy about her pregnancy test. She said in one video, “Some people were asking me why I would Snapchat the pregnancy test on the airplane, and I just thought it was, like, funny because I’ve been so private before. Why would I really care if I was pregnant again? And I didn’t get my period this month so I was just really confused and I couldn’t stand to be on a plane flight for 10 hours not knowing.”

On one hand, I agree with her logic completely. It’s definitely not shocking that a woman who is married with two kids may be expecting another child. But on the other hand, she’s Kim Kardashian. She definitely knew it would cause a bunch of buzz and that’s exactly why she did it.

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One thing that was unexpected about the Snap story is how normal Kanye came across. He was playful and flirting with his wife while she spoke to the camera. Then he wondered why she was snapping in the middle of the night, almost rolling his eyes along with all of us. By the end of her snaps, Kanye was sleeping and snoring in the background. He wasn’t the Kanye who causes a bunch of drama on talk shows, he was a tired dad who wanted his wife to just let him sleep. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it was cute, but it was definitely less eye-roll-inducing than some of his other appearances.

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Kardashian stayed directly on brand the entire time. She complained that the light on her phone that gives good lighting was dying so she wasn’t sure how much longer she’d be able to snap. She pretended to be coy while also giving her followers complete access to her life. It did beg the question, if Kanye can turn off being Kanye, does she ever turn off being Kim Kardashian? We’ll probably have to tune into another couple thousand Snapchat videos before we ever get the answer to that question.

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