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Listen up, Teen Mom fans: Crying doesn’t equal caring & nothing’s wrong with Kail

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It’s safe to say that things have not been awesome recently for Teen Mom 2‘s Kail Lowry and her husband Javi Marroquin. This season, the couple has dealt with a miscarriage, some serious communication problems and, recently, Javi’s deployment overseas. With Javi away, Kail is on her own (basically) to handle two kids, numerous dogs, school and the camera crew that visits her house with regularity to tape a television show. It’s a stressful situation for her and Javi, and they’re both reacting differently, as is evidenced by this week’s new episode, when Javi let his discontent be known.

Something was immediately afoot in regard to Javi’s behavior when Kail told him she was going to call Vee, Jo’s girlfriend, and ask her to hang out since neither of them “had anyone right now.” Javi considered this random and weird. Javi has a history of getting defensive about the Kail/Jo/Vee situation, and it’s super annoying and immature. Families are never neat and clean and perfect, dude. You don’t have to love everyone, but you need to find a way to make it work, so be glad that it’s working right now. Javi went on to say that he had had very little sleep and then accused Kail of not expressing emotions.

Oh, we’re back here again? Kail has been attacked for this on social media, particularly when she didn’t cry at Javi’s going away party. In response to Javi, she said, “I’m a robot,” and he went on to ask her what emotions she was feeling and tell her that he felt like she didn’t care about him and what he was doing at all. Cue a total communication breakdown and Kail hanging up.

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Yikes. This deployment thing is crappy on so many levels, and it’s creating so much stress individually and in Kail and Javi’s relationship, but I cannot get with Javi on his insistence that crying equals caring. He claimed this week that he didn’t need Kail to cry, he needed her to talk about what she was feeling. Kail replied that she wasn’t feeling anything but then went on to basically say that she had a ton going on with the kids, etc. Remember when Javi and Kail went to therapy? It was a disaster, but it would be awesome if they went back. I can understand (in a purely theoretical way) how it would be frustrating to talk to someone you love when you’re far away and not see emotions on their face, but that doesn’t mean Kail doesn’t care. If only there was a way for these two to understand that they’re both going through serious stress and that looks different for everyone. Also, maybe Kail doesn’t want to cry on the phone to Javi on camera? And/or she’s worried that Isaac and Lincoln will see her being emotional? There’s clearly so much more going on here than “Kail doesn’t have feelings.” Nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

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What do you think about Javi’s anger and frustration toward Kail? What about hers towards him? Tell us in the comments!

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