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I’mma say it how it is: Southern Charm‘s Whitney is being a total nitwit

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We haven’t seen very much of Whitney Sudler-Smith this season on Southern Charm. He’s in the credits and occupies the coveted position of executive producer of the show, but for the most part in Season 3, he’s stayed in the background drinking and smirking with the rest of the cast and, of course, saying mean things about the show’s resident scapegoat, Kathryn Dennis.

On Monday’s episode, though, Whitney returned to his regular spot in front of the camera because Craig confronted him about his shocking disdain for Kathryn over the past three seasons.

Real quick, here’s a little recap to refresh your memory…

Season 1

Kathryn and Whitney slept together in the first season and then both denied it when Thomas started asking questions. Eventually, they both admitted it, which resulted in Kathryn and Thomas breaking up and Whitney and Thomas’ friendship remaining mostly unscathed. (Oh, sexism. You are so robust on this show.)

Season 2

Kathryn and Whitney yelled at each other a lot.

This season

Craig is obsessed with getting to the bottom of why everyone is so mad at Kathryn, and he’s developed the theory that Whitney had feelings for Kathryn at the beginning of their relationship. Therefore, when she rejected him in favor of Thomas, he basically went blind with rage/jealousy and has been unable to move past it.

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I am with Craig on this. Even if Whitney wasn’t in love with Kathryn, something must have gone very wrong to make him this upset — so upset he just cannot let it go. His loathing toward Kathryn goes so far beyond recreational hatred, it’s almost funny. Almost.

As Twitter so aptly pointed out during Monday’s episode — if a person doesn’t care, he or she will not react the way Whitney reacted when Craig called him out for hating Kathryn.

Also, will someone please remind the cast that they’re being recorded? Like, all the time? We all saw Kathryn’s things on the floor of Whitney’s room in Season 1. And if you didn’t see that episode, Bravo was kind enough to include the footage in this week’s episode, so there’s no getting around it.

I get that no one likes to be called out for acting like a jerk in public, but frankly, Whitney’s done a crappy job of doing the whole “mature, adult thing.” If he doesn’t like Kathryn, fine. But (and this goes for the rest of the cast, as well) he had better be prepared to defend his dislike with something more than “she starts drama.” Last time I checked, they’re all on a reality show.

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What do you think about Craig calling out Whitney on his feelings for Kathryn? Was he into her or is Craig just looking for trouble? Tell us in the comments!

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

Southern Charm Kathryn Dennis slideshow
Image: Bravo

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