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Was Fred Savage auditioning to be Kelly Ripa’s Live! co-host?

Fred Savage sat in Michael Strahan’s still warm Live! seat on Monday morning and, surprise! He absolutely killed it as a co-host. He clearly tried to impress Ripa and producers by being game for the show. He had knowledge of The Bachelorette and he chatted about his sex life.

“I’ve never leaned so far forward in my life,” he said before climbing right up onto Ripa’s chair to get as close as possible to guest JoJo Fletcher. Ripa had a surprised look on her face for a moment, but she quickly went with the flow.

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Live! fans are already on board. While introducing Savage, Ripa was clear just how much fans loved him. “Back by the most, and I mean the very most, popular demand is Fred Savage,” she said. “Last time you were here, I heard from friends of mine I don’t normally hear from who told me how funny you were.”

Today’s show got the same glowing reviews from fans.

While no official announcement is planned just yet, we do have some great co-hosts to look forward to, including Common, Anderson Cooper and Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos scheduled through the week of May 30.

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Aside from his work as, duh, Kevin Arnold on The Wonder Years, Savage grew into a successful and highly sought-after sitcom director. He’s directed episodes for Modern Family, 2 Broke Girls and Happy Endings, and produced episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Party Down. He already has a great career in entertainment on his hands — why not jump into something new? If there’s something we know about the Live! producers, they don’t necessarily want to go with the most obvious host. Would anyone have seen Michael Strahan, longtime NFL star, as a daytime talk-show host? Sometime did. Savage may get the same shot.

For Fletcher’s part, she did a bang-up job of sticking to her The Bachelorette contract and not saying a word about whether or not she left the show engaged. We didn’t get any real dirt, but Savage sure did try.

Watch a clip from Fletcher’s interview below.

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