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Juan Pablo Galavis is sneaking his way back onto your screens

Thought you were done with Juan Pablo Galavis? Just in time for The Bachelorette, Galavis is back to remind us how much we can’t wait to watch 25 new people/crazies sign themselves up for this franchise.

Galavis has apparently moved on to a whole new career — he’s an actor now. When you consider just how much he loved the camera, this new venture isn’t exactly surprising.

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As Us Weekly reports, he appears in what seems to be a weekly web series called Breakup Breakdown from Más Mejor, “Broadway Video’s premium comedy studio powered by Latino voices.” The studio is owned by Lorne Michaels, so Galavis must be doing something right. Unfortunately, that something is not his new hair, a shoulder-length, middle-parted, blow-dried number that makes him look 10 years older than his 35 years. Where are those ABC stylists when you need them?

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If his turns on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor have given him a taste for the spotlight, we’ll be seeing much more of Galavis soon. Perhaps he’ll launch his own reality show like Trista Sutter or his own wine like Brandy Glanville. Reality stars with something to say or to sell are typically stuck here forever. Juan Pablo, welcome to Hollywood.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

'bachelorette contestants slideshow
Image: ABC

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