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Apparently, Fred Savage brings out Kelly Ripa’s naughty side

Well, this should bump up ratings.

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Fred Savage joined Kelly Ripa as her temporary Live! with Kelly co-host Monday, and things got a little… intimate.

During the show, he revealed that although he came to New York alone this time, the last time he was at the hotel where he’s staying, he definitely wasn’t.

“The last time I was at this hotel, we made our first baby at this hotel,” he revealed. “So I call my wife, I’m like, ‘So you’ll never guess where I am.'”

Hilariously, Savage went on the spill some juicy details about that fateful night, revealing that he and his wife were trying to get pregnant and tracking her ovulation. They discovered the time was right, just after they went out on the town and ate a huge dinner.

“Our stomachs were so distended, I don’t even know how [it happened],” Savage said as Ripa cracked up next to him. “I don’t know how we got from here to there, but our son’s 9, and he’s great.”

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The odds of a similar situation happening for Ripa are pretty low, though, she revealed after Savage finished his story.

“Mark [Consuelos] knows we won’t be having any post-meal activity if I have anything greater than a salad,” she said, after checking the audience to make sure no children were present. “He knows if I just say I’ll have a light salad, he gets excited. ‘This is a sure thing tonight!'”

And Savage has his own similar experience.

“I feel that way sometimes when my wife shaves her legs,” he admitted. “And she’s like, ‘That’s not for you, I’m wearing a dress tomorrow!'”

Check out the rest of the hilarious exchange in the video below:

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

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