Demi Lovato advocated for trans rights at the BBMAs like the badass she is

Demi Lovato slayed the stage at the Billboard Music Awards tonight, and not just because her vocals were incredible. She took the opportunity to advocate for trans rights while she blew everyone away with her talent. The singer wore a black shirt with a symbol combining the men’s and women’s restroom symbols, obviously showing her support for equality.

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Lovato is very passionate about her LGBTQ fans and has been very outspoken about her support of equality over the years. Even her song “Cool for the Summer” is a nod to her experimentation with other women. For Lovato, the theme of bullying ruining a person’s life hits very close to home, so whenever she has the opportunity to take a stand, she does so, loud and clear — and that’s why so many people love her.

Everyone from fans to the Human Rights Campaign has been tweeting at Lovato after seeing her gender-neutral shirt and thanking her for being such an outspoken advocate.

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Lovato is definitely carving out a career for herself as a powerhouse vocalist and as someone who isn’t afraid to stand behind people who may not always get a voice. She doesn’t do it in a way that is completely in your face, but she does make it known where she stands. Many young fans look up to Lovato, and they’re definitely getting positive messages: that it’s OK to stand by your beliefs and that fighting for equality takes many forms.

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Let’s hope this isn’t the last we see of either Lovato’s fight for equality or her amazing performances.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

2016 BBMA red carpet slideshow
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