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Who is Z LaLa and what exactly was she wearing at the Billboard Music Awards?

Britney Spears’ teen heartthrob-inspired outfit was expected to blow everyone away on the Billboard Music Awards red carpet, but instead, a relatively unknown star stole the show: Z LaLa! Her garish black getup had everybody talking — and not necessarily in a good way.

But while the world now knows that Z LaLa has a taste for the unconventional, everything else remains a mystery. Clueless about this red carpet phenom? Here’s the scoop:

1. Her favored musical style is electro-pop

In 2011, she released her debut album, Zilosophy, which was jam-packed with club-style hits.

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2. She can sing in over a dozen different languages

Language is clearly Z LaLa’s forte. While the average pop singer struggles to sing in just two languages, she’s able to flawlessly execute songs in 14 different languages — including American Sign Language! Her very first single was performed in Hebrew, Urdu, Korean and several other languages.

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3. She is often compared to Lady Gaga

Not only do their names rhyme, but both stars also have a thing for crazy outfits. More importantly, however, both are musically gifted and intent on honing their craft.

Z LaLa
Image: Creative Commons

4. She is known for her great cover of a Eurythmics classic

In 2013, Z LaLa famously covered the Eurythmics hit “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These).” She definitely did the song justice!

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5. This is certainly not the first time her wardrobe has been criticized

Like Lady Gaga, Z LaLa is no stranger to criticism. In 2013, a ton of publications featured her on their worst-dressed lists in response to her odd look at that year’s Billboard Music Awards. Additionally, she attracted a ton of negative attention for her decidedly unique look at the 14th Annual Latin Grammy Awards. More recently, she made quite the red carpet entrance at the 2015 American Music Awards, as evidenced in the interview clip below:

Z LaLa may not be the most popular lady on the red carpet, but she certainly knows how to get people talking. When it comes down to it, isn’t that what the Billboard Music Awards are all about?

What did you think of Z LaLa’s unusual BBMAs red carpet outfit? Comment and share your opinion below.

Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

2016 BBMA red carpet slideshow
Image: Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

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